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I am a very cute, adorable, short coated red dachshund. I live in Conway, Arkansas with my two Vizsla siblings Butler Eugene and Treska Louise. Just here to share my days in Arkansas with you.

Sunday, February 28, 2010

My Very First Posting

Welcome everyone,

This is my very first posting on my very own blog page. I am happy to be here and welcome everyone who comes to visit me and read about my days in Arkansas.

A little about myself. I was born in Gravel Ridge, Arkansas on August 3, 2006. I live in Conway, Arkansas with my two siblings Butler Eugene and Treska Louise. They are Vizslas (Hungarian Pointers). We live with my Moms. I sometimes think I am a Vizsla because I try my very best with my little dachshund legs to run and keep up with them when we go to the lake. Let us just say that I am a fast runner. Moms wants very much for me to get involved in dachshund racing, but sad to say that dachshund races are not something that Moms has been able to find around the state of Arkansas for me to do.

Moms decided that she wanted a place for me to talk about pet issues in Arkansas and just share my days with you.

I am happy to announce that the Arkansas Legislature passed a law that changed animal cruelty offenses from a misdemeanor to a felony. I am so happy that my state is beginning to catch up with the times. It is about time that people began to realize that cruelty to animals should not be tolerated.

The newspaper in Conway is "The Log Cabin Democrat". This was the article that was the headline in yesterdays paper. http://www.thecabin.net/news/local/2010-02-26/man-charged-first-faulkner-county-felony-cruelty-animals-crime

Considering everything that is going on in the world, I am so happy that this was the above the fold front page big bold letters headline. Conway is the Faulkner County seat. That means the courthouse is here. If Moms is available, she is going to go and sit in on the proceedings and find out if this man is found guilty and what his sentence will be if any.


  1. PepiSmartDog: Hi Festus, nice to read Ur story & great Ur Mom is following the court proceddings !! U and I are possibly related !! I'm am 1/2 Daschund & 1/2 FoxTerrier. What a small world ! I look forward to reading Ur stories; thanks for sharing. xxx

  2. It's great dat u startedcwriting. I've been after my Mom to give me a blog page (and she has), but I haven't started writing yet. Your blogs are fun! Purrs (Smokey8 fr Twitter)